Edmund Adamus. MA. Cert. Thl. TEFL. Dip.Thl

Edmund was appointed by Archbishop Nichols as full-time Director for Marriage and Family Life in March 2012.

From 2003-2012 as Director of Pastoral Affairs in Westminster he  worked extensively in the field of marriage preparation, marriage enrichment and the provision of remedial support for troubled and broken marriages developing and promoting ground-breaking programmes such “Engage”, “Smart Loving”, as well as providing substantial support for the British presence of the marriage restoration programme “Retrouvaille” (‘Rediscover’).

In 2007 the John Paul II Institute, Rome published his response to its 7th Colloquium on Moral Theology, “The Stages of life and the ‘Communion of Persons’: A Challenge for Morality”.

In 2009, he addressed the VIth World Meeting of Families in Mexico on ‘Family; Teacher of Human and Christian Values - A European Perspective’.

From 2007-2012 he established and managed the St. John Southworth Fund grants scheme on behalf of the Archbishop of Westminster awarding several million pounds to alleviate poverty and deprivation for children and families across London.

In 2011 Edmund was a co-recipient with Philip Blond (Founder of the Res Publica Think Tank) of the 2011 Family Values Award.

In May 2011 the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers invited him to address its global Study Meeting on “The Centrality of the Person in the Prevention and Treatment of HIV Diseases”.  He has developed a team of clergy to provide spiritual care for those affected by HIV. In order to support parents as the primary educators and protectors of their children, he has developed two new resources, “As I Have Loved You” and “Sexuality Explained” to aid parents in their indispensable duty to provide formation for children in human sexuality in the heart of the family.  In November 2012, he addressed the Vth International Congress on ‘Catholicism and Culture’ at the University of Torun, Poland exploring the theme "Truth at the Service of Freedom; Building the Civilisation of Love through the Family.  An English Perspective".

He is a member of the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales:

  • Working Party on the Order of Christian Marriage
  • Advisory Board National Office for Vocation

Among his most notable achievements is the annual Mass of Thanksgiving for Matrimony at Westminster Cathedral which since 2008 has gathered more than 5000 couples to renew their marital commitment. Most Catholic dioceses in England and Wales now host similar annual celebrations as part of the ongoing efforts to restore and sustain an authentic marriage-building culture. 

Angela McCallum

Dr Angela McCallum is a Billings Ovulation Method™ teacher with more than 30 years experience of teaching couples. As Training Co-ordinator for many years and part of the Fertility Care Scotland Training Team, she trains new BOM teachers and re-accredits current teachers of the Method by running courses every 18 months.

As a member of the Fertility Care Scotland Executive Committee she has also been involved in developing and teaching a Fertility Awareness Programme “Love and Fertility” for Scottish High School students over a period of 18 years.

She has retired as a Consultant Radiologist but remains busy as Ken’s wife for 40 years, a mother of three and grandmother of two.

Louise Kirk

Louise Kirk has been UK Co-ordinator for the Alive to the World character education programme since 2007, working closely with its Latin American creators ALAFA to edit the English language edition. Alive to the World was created as a positive alternative to the kinds of school social programmes which include group classes on contraceptive-based sex education and which target bad behaviour in an unappealing, negative way.

Louise has written widely and given talks to promote this very different approach to children’s all-round education. In March, as a complement to Alive to the World, she launched her own book, Sexuality Explained: a guide for parents and children. This is designed to help parents educate their children in the home, using the latest science to show that sexuality is a gift for life rather than a toy to be played with. It was written after wide consultation with doctors, parents and teachers.

Louise read history at Oxford University and then worked in London for the House of LLords, the British Academy and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in a variety of administrative roles. After her marriage, she taught writing skills and trained as a natural family planning teacher.

It was as a mother of four children, and subsequently as a school governor, that she took an interest in sex education, reading the various government documents as they came out. Her dismay at the paucity of appropriate materials encouraged her to take up an invitation to bring Alive to the World to England. She has served on the Committee of Mothers At Home Matter and serves on the Diocese of Shrewsbury’s Commission for the New Evangelisation. 

David Kingsley

Dr David Kingsley is Medical Director and Lead Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at The Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal in South Manchester. He is also Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Chester.  He has worked in adolescent mental health inpatient services for ten years and currently leads ‘Woodlands’, a therapeutic low secure unit for young people with high levels of risk and complexity, which won a national ‘Team of the Year’ award in 2009.  Dr Kingsley has published a number of peer-reviewed papers and is a regular contributor on child mental health issues in national and regional broadcast media.

Dr Kingsley has a longstanding interest in medical ethics from a Catholic perspective and, alongside his wife Rachel, he is also a trained teacher of symptothermal Natural Family Planning. As such, he has contributed to Marriage Preparation and RCIA courses within the North West. Bringing together perspectives from both faith and mental health, he offers a broad view about the challenges that face marriage and family life in the 21st century.  His four children keep him grounded and remind him that he doesn’t have all the answers