All NFP practitioners in the UK are warmly invited to attend the UK:NFP Conference. 

Our 2015 conference took place on Saturday 14 November, in Leamington Spa.  

Natural Family Planning in the UK is delivered by a number of groups, working independently and providing a range of different methodologies and approaches.  

This is beneficial in that it provides users with a range of choices and options; but it also makes it more difficult for practitioners to communicate the options, and to inform the public, medical staff and opinion formers about the benefits of Natural Family Planning.

Our first UK NFP conference was held in 2012, bringing together representatives of many of these organisations.  The impetus to continue meeting was clear, and we organised further conferences in 2013 and 2014; a 2015 conference is now open for booking.  

The conference is aimed at people actively involved in the field: teachers, researchers, promoters and those with a professional interest.